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  • Attitude Check

    In the best of worlds, you would always answer “yes.” Fact is, though, every business has some employees who have a tendency to look on the dark side of things, a habit that can create negative interactions with customers. Regardless of the reason, a grumpy employee alienates guests—and that means lost sales and lower profits.  Read More

  • The Power of Positive

    Smart supervisors work quickly to address negative employee behavior. Smarter ones create workplaces where negative behavior doesn’t occur in the first place. Read More

  • Motivating Factors

    Years ago, cozy familiarity between customers and an outside-services worker may not have flown. But a growing number of golf facility operators are spotlighting and empowering their service staff more prominently, making customer-facing workers of all ranks part of the marketing effort. Read More


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  • Roger That
  • Roger That

    Roger Miers, owner of RiverPines Golf in Johns Creek, Georgia, shares his experiences in changing the way he approaches business and creating a culture of service excellence.Read More

January 2011

Preparing for a Positive Future

Owner of Har-Mar Development, Frank Romano, continues his Golf Business interview, discussing his work with new programs and how they could bring new interest to the golf course.


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  • anonymous
    Loved this, Frank Ramono is a great man, listened to him speak at uw stout last year. Currently a student in the Golf program at stout.
  • anonymous
    I am impressed. In this economy, it takes business leaders like Mr Romano to lead the way in innovation. Bravo, right on Target!
  • anonymous
    Great insight....well done Tim Loiodice Owner/ Wildcat Golf Club Houston, TX

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