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  • Building Blocks

    By taking a fresh approach to course set-up and design, owners and architects are laying the foundation for business successRead More

  • The Ascendance of‭ ‬Independence

    By focusing on pace of play, playability and sustainability, brothers Giff and Alan Breed have transformed Virginia’s Independence Golf Club into an award-winning course with a bright futureRead More

  • Calling on a‭ ‬Superhero

    Many private clubs are sitting on a ticking time bomb of impending deposit refunds, but Florida attorney Michelle Tanzer and the Hero Program are coming to their rescueRead More


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  • The Power of Plastic
  • The Power of Plastic

    From reading and understanding your credit card statement to ensuring PCI compliance to meeting the new chip card requirements, doing business with plastic isn’t as simple as a swipe. This video outtake from the 2016 Golf Business Conference covers everything you need to know about your credit card business.Read More

January 2011

Preparing for a Positive Future

Owner of Har-Mar Development, Frank Romano, continues his Golf Business interview, discussing his work with new programs and how they could bring new interest to the golf course.


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  • anonymous
    Loved this, Frank Ramono is a great man, listened to him speak at uw stout last year. Currently a student in the Golf program at stout.
  • anonymous
    I am impressed. In this economy, it takes business leaders like Mr Romano to lead the way in innovation. Bravo, right on Target!
  • anonymous
    Great insight....well done Tim Loiodice Owner/ Wildcat Golf Club Houston, TX


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